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1. PVC windows are fireproof; to resist
the most aggressive fire without deforming. PVC is flame.
Due to its composition formed by oil and chlorine does not propagate fire,
eliminating the toxic myth antiecological and PVC windows. The
PVC windows are no threat to the environment or to human health
people, quite the contrary.

2. PVC windows have a
variety of designs, so they are adaptable to any type of

3. The average length of PVC windows round 35 years and not
require virtually no maintenance.

4. Usually, the
PVC windows are manufactured almost entirely by the lastest
generation, thus avoiding, as far as possible, any error
human that reduces the quality of the same.

5. PVC windows are
perfect for getting the best thermal and acoustic insulation. With its
Conductivity null PVC windows get transmission coefficients
much lower temperature compared with other types of materials ( improve
greatly the results of any metalwork). They are

6. Together with an efficient glazing achieves the best
results in terms of sound insulation to reduce noise almost
insuperable., even above 45 decibels.

7. It is a material
warm. Completely prevent condensation problems in their profiles. Not you
Countess PVC window, This phenomenon occurs in the glass and not in the

8. PVC windows are very easy to clean,
simply with soap and water.

9. Is not oxidized even though it can
a knock or scratch occurs on the surfaces of the window.

10. The
PVC windows usually offer mejos value.

PERSONAL: From the point of view of SLU and Aluminum Sanmi, thanks to our
experience in the manufacture and installation of aluminum and PVC windows,
believe that PVC windows offer the best thermal and acoustic insulation
regarding any aluminum window. Especially in white often
offer unbeatable prices.. Occur very rarely see
PVC condensation on windows in case of a poorly insulated walls
existing. Against it has a finish in color means more
limited, especially in RAL colors; is not suitable lacquer them
because they lose color easily (not foliated or white) and are usually
shoot economically in such finishes.

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