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You may wonder: What materials I put my windows, of aluminio ó PVC?, What better?. Good for us that we are, fully advise you on what is the best choice when choosing your carpentry.

Both PVC and aluminum have advantages and disadvantages. The discussed below:

-El PVC (policloruro vinyl) and its advantages:

q Allows soundproofing and reduces noise pollution.

q is a durable and resistant material and cold air, being very suitable for cold areas.

q Ensures absolutely isolation, because the design of their profiles and is hollow wall.

q You do not need any special treatment for preservation, simply clean with soap and water without risk of the material deteriorates.

q There is a wide range of colors, Although white is the color most used, no wood imitations in which the price is not too high.

-El PVC (policloruro vinyl) and their drawbacks:

q is more expensive than the rest.

-Aluminum and its advantages:

q Installs easily and quickly, because of its light weight.

q Easy to clean.

q Available in all colors.

q is a strong and rigid material.

-Aluminum and its disadvantages:

q The most common complaint is that in winter the aluminum "sweat".

q is a cooler material than PVC.

q Over time, the aluminum may reach itch.

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